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Our Process

We understand there are a million and one questions clients have when considering a new build or renovation - it's to be expected. And you might be surprised to learn it's not at all like it has been portrayed on TV. We're here to help dispel some of the myths around how it all works and what you can expect when you work with us. 

Discovery Call + Meetup

You call, we answer.

How can we help? What are your goals & ideas? Where is the project? Do you have a contractor or builder already lined up? Do you need us to pull together your team? What is your budget range? Timeline? Have you worked with a designer/team before? How was the experience? How can your design team support you so you sleep more soundly at night? Great! Let's meet in person to see the space/plans, and chat over a glass of wine.

Project Setup + Onboarding

Once initial payment is received we get right to work - site measure, photograph, and gathering all other info like diving deeper into your aesthetic, goals, and vision. We can even create soft-cost budget projections to help navigate some of the design decisions made down the road. If we're assembling the project team, we'll introduce you to our trusted group of trade pro's here. Timelines, deliverables, and expectations are on the table from the very beginning.

Materials, Fixtures +


To accompany all of your beautiful design drawings, we hand-pick every material, fixture, and finish needed to complete your spaces. Sometimes we have you come along to help in the process. But in the end you always have a say in the final selections. With all of the decisions made, we provide a Builder Binder that includes your specifications. And when it comes to furniture and styling, let us guide you to fully furnish your spaces. You invest so much in a home - let us help you expertly finish it off.

Design Fee Proposal

Once we've had a chance to really go over all of the project scope details, you will receive a super itemized design fee proposal, broken out into multiple phases. It explains more about our company, how we work, what to expect, and exactly how much the design fees for your project will cost. No surprises, no confusion. We charge using a per-square-foot method, based on how detailed the job is, and what spaces we'll be working on. 

Design Development + Drawings

This is the phase where we develop all of your initial CAD drawings & 3D renderings based on function, need, and aesthetic: all your plans, elevations, millwork details, & 3D experiences are created now. Every project is unique, and depending on the scale of the job it may take anywhere from 8-16 weeks on average to develop all of the initial custom design work. We are in contact with you throughout this phase, and can't wait to present & discuss our ideas with you.

Execute +

Project Close

While construction is underway, we work in tandem with your contractor or builder to ensure the project runs smoothly and the integrity of the overall design is respected & well-executed. Site visits, meetings with trades... we are the liaison between you and all of the many moving parts. We're also ordering, tracking, receiving & planning delivery/install of your gorgeous new furnishings & decorative fixtures. You'll receive regular progress updates until it's all finished and we can celebrate together at the end with you.

What Our Clients Say

White Walls

Gordon Dodds & Donna Palmer-Dodds

Crispin is an absolute joy to work with. She came into our home, listened to our vision and was able to assemble a grouping of products & furnishings that were exactly what we wanted and needed. Crispin's communication skills are first rate. She constantly kept us up to date with product status and provided alternative options when necessary. Crispin is enthusiastic, positive, and has a wealth of knowledge. She knows her stuff. We would definitely work with her again.

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